Jan Klier.


My Story

Tell me the story you want to tell and I will find a way to make it happen, whatever it takes.

I am a NYC based fashion photographer.

A Creative Director asked me at the end of a portfolio review: ‘Why are you taking photos?’ I thought about the right answer to that question then and ever since then: I like solving creative problems that businesses have with their brand and their marketing. The camera, the lights, the location, it’s all just a means to an end. An end that is to tell a story that creates interest in the subject.

I work with fashion industry clients because of the aspirational story telling that is at the core of fashion. Stories about the dreams people have about themselves, about their life, about the people they want to surround themselves with. I work with a European Sensibility on an American Canvas.

For me, when my background in technology, my experience in retail and marketing, my people leadership, and my visual expression all come together to execute a dance that results in people being stopped and paying attention to the story that is being told about a brand, about a product, about a lifestyle, or a person - that’s a beautiful moment.

I'm a founding member of the New York Fashion Photography Collective.

I've worked among others for: Moda & Estilo, Dani by Daniel K, Tia Cibani, Interview Magazine, Maggie Norris Couture, Stacy Lomman, Ryan Jordan, Rocco e Dante, Les Egoistes, JNSQ, afterthemage, Amanda Vega, Melissa Rodwell, Sally Matthews, Sand and Smoke, Fashion Backdrops, Fashion Photography Blog, Banchong Design, Tanya Min Jee, Tannya Bernadette, Bake's Place, Barere Group, Amazon.com, Microsoft, Experience Music Project, About.com, National Film Festival for Talented Youth, Urban Light Studios.


Client Testimonials

“We were introduced to Jan when he photographed our showroom for an interview with Moda and Estillo. Our paths crossed again through our relationship with Fashion Group International. We had recently decided to develop an informational video in hopes of spreading our corporate message while marketing our services to potential new collaborators. We were fortunate that Jan was available considering his industry knowledge, familiarity with our company and expertise. Within two weeks, we had two versions of a fully formatted video that exceeded our expectations. I can’t thank Jan enough for his easy going professional input which made for an enjoyable and educating experience.” - Bob Sadin, Director Marketing at AGH Trimsource Inc.; 2015


“Jan Klier is precisely the sort of professional you hope to have on your team. After collaborating with him in New York City for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week last September, Moda & Estilo has entrusted Jan with the coverage of additional events despite his distance from our Seattle-based magazine. This is no doubt due to the confidence Jan inspires in his clients; in addition to delivering consistently excellent images, he maintains clear communication and prepares for all events and projects with a self-starting thoroughness.

Jan is strategic, creative and thoughtful in his approach to photography and brand storytelling. As the publisher, I consult with Jan on our strategy for content and marketing of our content on regular basis. His insight and advise always prove to be very valuable to work. Jan is also great at building partnerships and finding synergy between people/organizations whenever possible.” - Cyanarah, publisher of Moda & Estilo; 2014


“I met Jan through The Fashion Group over a year ago and, recently, I asked him to shoot the Fall/Winter 2014/15 lookbook for my collection. We discussed the concept at length (which was more complex than a typical lookbook shoot), and Jan couldn't have been more helpful and accommodating. Not only was he a complete joy to work with, but the images he captured were remarkable. Following the shoot, Jan wasted no time editing the selections we made, and I had my photos in a day. I was so pleased with the final product! His eye for fashion photography is exquisite; I put my trust in his hands without reservation. Jan is full of positive energy, he is personable, ultra professional and calm under pressure. I'm anxious to work with him again.” - Stacy Lomman, designer, 2014


“I have hired Jan several times to do product shots for me of fashion items, such as handbags, belts and small leather goods. I work with him because he is honest, to the point, makes good suggestions and knows what he is doing. Jan goes above and beyond to make the client happy and will do his best to capture your products in the way that you want him to. He also responds quickly and efficiently to any questions you may have. Even after Jan moved from Seattle to NYC I still send my products to NYC to be shot because I know his output is consistently good.” - Tara Savauge, designer; 2014

Contact Info


phone: (914) 334-8093
e-mail: jan@janklier.com
location: nyc
blog: blog.allklier.com
vimeo: vimeo.com/allklier
pinterest: pinterest.com/allklier
linkedin: linkedin.com/in/allklier
instagram: instagram.com/allklier

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